Q # 2 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 02, 2020


If you're reading this on your phone and just woke up, this one is especially for you!  

Many people begin their day rolling over and looking at their phone.  This is *never* a good idea because it will trigger your brain to react to anything you're reading and seeing....and we all know that's a double-whammy right now.  Plus, it's draining. Many people check their phone for a sense of connection.  Instead, connect with YOURSELF, first. 

Try being more intentional about the first 10 minutes of your day by doing activities that make you feel CALM, PEACEFUL and ready to tackle the day in a responsive mode rather than a frenzied 'reactive' mode.

For example:

  • do a brief meditation before you leave your bed.  (without technology)
  • drink a tall glass of water (make sure you have the water on your nightstand so you're ready in the AM), slowly, and think about an intention for the day
  • do some basic stretches and tune into your body - notice how you're feeling
  • go outside and look at nature, in your backyard
  • snuggle with a loved one or a furry friend
  • put a mini trampoline, next to your bed, and jump on it to wake up your body
  • focus on gratitude for a solid minute, before getting out of bed
  • listen to a beautiful song for 2-3 minutes, with your eyes closed (if you can do this without your phone.)
  • use essential oil/ lotion to wake up your senses
  • Take a few deep breaths for a few minutes 
  • Display a peaceful image/object, in your room, and look at it for a minute
  • Look at your framed 'BE WORDS' and recite each one
  • Do a back bend on a large yoga ball to wake up your spine
  • SMILE for a minute and think happy thoughts
  • Tune into the sounds of a morning dove singing outside.  

Notice how you spend the first few minutes of your day.  If checking your phone stresses you out, be honest with yourself and let the phone sleep in another room so you won't be tempted.  

**  If ALL YOU DO is break the checking-the-cell phone-first-thing-in-the-morning HABIT, that's a darn good start.  You can do more, though.  Go for it!

Right now, map out your new morning routine for tomorrow and write it in your journal.  Make sure you have everything you need (water on your night stand, music ready to play, scented lotion, etc) and try your new routine in the AM. 

NOTICE HOW YOU FEEL - as a result.

ps.  Whenever I coach someone through a transition or stressful time in their life, I ALWAYS ask them to stop checking their phone/computer in the morning and at least an hour before going to sleep.  It's one of the EASIEST ways to reduce anxiety.  A stressed-out brain struggles to find solutions or be creative.  Keep that in mind.



What's your typical morning routine (first 5-10 minutes after waking up) and how does it make you feel?  What can you do, first thing in the morning, to anchor a calm & peaceful feeling for the day?  What supplies do you need to make this happen tomorrow?


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