Q # 29 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 29, 2020


Today, I couldn't resist showing you my garden!  It's located in my side yard and we love and appreciate it so much right now.  Having a fresh salad is such a treat, without having to venture out to the grocery store.

What AMAZES me, about the garden, is how every item started with a teeny-tiny SEED.  That's it.  A small seed, some good soil, water, sunshine, nutrients and care.  

Your life is JUST LIKE A GARDEN. You can grow whatever you want and it will FLOURISH if you allow it to happen and nurture the seeds to grow.  But, you MUST put those seeds into the soil, first. 

What's one magical seed you'd like to plant now?

By the way, how often do you truly WISH for something magical and spectacular?  

Give yourself the gift of a well crafted WISH right now.  You deserve it!!

Need some inspiration? 

Over the years, I've collected countless stories from my clients. Many of them email me months or years AFTER we completed our coaching engagement.  They always seem amazed and grateful to see the "seeds" we planted thrive and grow.  

Today, I'd like to share the following story with you since I love it so much.  

"Hi Kristin: I don't know if you remember me (from K: of course I remember you! I never forget a client) -I was in the Inner Circle Goals program and it set in motion a whole lot of wonderful things for me. My big goal was to make a smooth transition to working for myself, and I finally did it. Yesterday I took a small job editing a book manuscript, something that was attractive to me because it would take about a week of work, I figured, and the pay would be welcome while I wait for other checks.

I was intrigued by the job because the memoir is by the founder of the Canyon Ranch Spa. One of my goals from my time with you (and I thought this goal was a little out there) was to go to the Canyon Ranch. I figured that it might take me a number of years to save up for that one, but I have revisited it often, imagining the place, and my mind has been circling back to thoughts about the benefits of their approach to health.

Today, I got an invitation to go as the founder's guest to work on the manuscript for a week, meeting with him a couple of hours a day and "experiencing the ranch" the rest of the time. I was urged to come a couple of days early--because there would be more time to have fun that way.

So in two weeks, spending a grand total of $0.00 and earning a good fee for my time spent working, I am off to experience the ranch! You probably heard my shriek of joy this morning when I got the news.

For me, the lesson is that amazing, impossible things happen when you plant seeds like the ones we nurtured in your program. I just wanted to thank you for helping me build the greenhouse for these dreams!"


Plant a seed now by simply stating whatever's in your heart

Of course, you can water and nurture the seed by visualizing your goal...just as my client did. The first step is to name what you truly desire.

I love the Canyon Ranch story since spas are my favorite escapes and many of my dreams (for life and work) popped into my mind during a spa trip! 

Dreaming and seed planting is relatively free.  So, go for it!  Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and make your wish.




What's one magical seed you'd like to plant now?  Close your eyes and make your wish!  Now, VISUALIZE yourself materializing the wish and notice how that feels. SEE yourself having whatever you desire.  Add a lot of emotion to it, too.  That always helps!


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