Master Certified Life and Career Coach


Your brain is like an iceberg.

10% of motivation and behavior is happening on the surface. 90% happens beneath awareness.

If there's something you truly want - in your life or career - and you don't have it (yet), it's time to shine a light on your thoughts, motivation and beliefs.

My approach goes way beyond 'just do it'. First, let's figure out what's getting in your way. Then, move forward with purpose and greater ease!

Who's In Your Corner?

Imagine having a conversation about your goals, challenges, and opportunities with someone trained to bring out the best in you!  

I will champion you to raise your standards, ask for what you want, and shape your career and life the way you want it to be - perhaps in ways you can't even imagine yet.

Hello! I'm Kristin Taliaferro, a career coach and life coach with 20 years of experience plus expertise as a former executive recruiter. My superpower is the ability to get to the 'root of the matter' right away in a direct, warm and inspiring way! 

I am honored to be an MCC, Master Certified Coach, awarded to the top 1% of coaches worldwide by the International Coach Federation. 

You can expect faster results than working with most other coaches - saving you time and money. 

My work has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Family Circle, Dallas Morning News, Modern Luxury Dallas, Woman's Day, Chicago Tribune, Company (UK), and Elle Magazine.

"Kristin has the gift of directness. She has the ability to hone in on exactly the issue to address - even if you're unclear. Every time we finished a call, I felt empowered and thankful - with the tools and skills I needed."

Jen Miller
Global Director, Digital Marketing Innovation

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What Is Coaching?

“A professional coach is your partner in achieving business and personal goals, your champion during a turnaround, your trainer in communication and life skills, your sounding board when making choices, your motivator when strong actions are called for, your unconditional support when you take a hit, your mentor in personal development, your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project, your beacon during stormy times, your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own, and a partner in having all of what matters most to you." - Thomas Leonard, grandfather of the coaching industry

Increase Income & Joy

"Kristin has helped me make more money than I have spent with her 10-fold. I not only have a job that I love doing, but my income has increased faster then I would have expected. She has improved my confidence, my career and even my relationships with work and personal life. Kristin showed me how to refine my personal brand and what I want to be known for at work and home. She has vast knowledge in many areas, not just career. Honestly, when I first hired Kristin, I was very skeptical about coaching. It was absolutely worth it." - Jason Flood

Be True To Yourself

"Up until I hired Kristin as my coach, I was checking off the boxes in my life and my career. I went to a great school, got the best internships, excelled in grad school, got a glamorous job, and earned my architecture license. But after I had done all the things I was 'supposed' to do to be successful and have a good career, I was not enjoying what I was doing. I knew I could get the job I wanted or the career I wanted. But I did not know what I wanted. Kristin helped me get clear. Now, I have a new job and a list of my values I can refer to." - Sarah Lyons

Make A Change

"On the outside, I had an amazing life and career working with world leaders. At one point it was exactly what I wanted. But, after several years, I was on auto-pilot and burned out. I was so disconnected from myself, I had no idea what to do next. I just knew something had to change. So, I hired Kristin. With her help, I became more connected with my inner-voice and was able to realize what was right for me. She also helped me set more boundaries, change my career path, move, and care less about what others think - so I could create a life that made me happy."- Emily Manning

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