Q # 28 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 28, 2020


We're getting close to end of our 30 day series, so let's start putting all of the insights together for your benefit.

What does your ideal week look like?

Are you deeply enjoying your life or wishing everything could go back to normal?

Think back to your 'old life' before the pandemic started.  Is that the life you want to go back to or are you ready for something more....or different?

Today, map out your vision for an ideal week.  

Here's how:

  1. Start by brainstorming a list of all of your tasks (personal or career related), hobbies, and self-care activities you'd like to include in your weekly schedule.  Make sure you include your morning rituals, date night, family time, socializing with friends, community service, and everything that matters to you!  Yes, if you need to earn an income, work does need to be part of your ideal week!
  2. Decide how many hours of sleep you'd like to get on a typical night.
  3. Decide how many hours of work, hobbies, fitness and self-care activities you'd like to have each day.
  4. Make any other key decisions about your activities and how much time you want to allot for the important ones.
  5. Take all of the above information and map it out on an hourly schedule - starting when you wake up until you go to sleep.  Start with Sunday and repeat the process for Monday and every other day.  Yes, each day might look different!

This entire exercise won't take longer than 30 minutes to do and it's very worthwhile since it will give you so much clarity.

I did this exercise, become becoming a coach, and felt excited about making my ideal week a reality. It also helped me release the time drains that weren't part of my ideal day. 

A life you love is simply a combination of ideal days and weeks. Every day won't be perfect but if most of your days reflect the VISION you have for your life, you'll be one happy camper.

Let's find out what might happen in YOUR life when you do this exercise!  

Look back and review the insights, from this month, and you'll see some inspiration for ideal life elements.  

Also, try doing this exercise by tweaking your current life into a more ideal one (something that feels realistic to you) and/or dreaming big and writing out an ideal week your future self would love (which might not feel super realistic right now).

Creating the life or career you truly desire always begins with clarity and the deep inner knowing that you can have what you envision. IMAGINE IT first!



What does your ideal week look like?  Do you believe you can create it?  


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