Q # 30 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 30, 2020


I bet you saw this one coming....

What did you discover (or rediscover) about yourself this month?   

Is there an insight you want to remember so you can integrate it, moving forward?

Are you discovering how much you love working from home or how much you value your family or personal time?

Or, are you noticing how much you enjoy a simpler pace?

Is your inner leader emerging?  Do you like it?

Do you see some truths about your relationships?

Writing these questions, for you, was a total joy!   I hope you learned something about yourself along the way.

Feel free to go back and re-read the questions again and make sure you keep your journal handy so you can capture the nuggets of wisdom emerging from within.  You could probably spend the entire month of May on this since I know the pace, this month, was possibly intense.  


I'd *love* to get a note, from you, if you want to share an insight with me.  What did you enjoy about the series and what did you discover about yourself?  I promise to read your note and will do my best to send you a reply.  You can reach me at  [email protected] 

Your notes fuel my inner fire - so thank you! Plus, I'd like to gather some of the insights (no names attached) for a future post since I think it will be interesting to see what people discovered.

By the way, your insights might have nothing to do with the questions I asked.  That's A-OK.  My hope was to put you into a reflective state so your level of awareness might increase.  Did that happen for you?

The answers are ALWAYS inside of you.  You just have to ask the right question and give yourself some space, perspective, and time to see your answers emerge.

Moving forward, I'll share more articles on my blog (1-2 times per month) to help everyone navigate the exciting new changes happening around us.

Always in your corner,




What did you discover (or rediscover) about yourself this month?   


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