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30 days of insight Mar 31, 2020

(**  I've been super busy with clients the last couple of weeks but I still wanted to offer some support to everyone else.  I sincerely hope this 30 day series helps you.  Also, that's my rescue doggie/walking buddy sleeping in the background!)

For over two decades, I’ve helped people during major transitions in their career or in life. So, I have a sense of what people go through when they are in the midst of change. 

Yes, what you are experiencing right now will/can change you forever - and for the BETTER.

Right now, most of my clients are feeling optimistic, enjoying time with family, working in new ways, and being flexible. 

That doesn't mean they're all having an easy time, though,  It simply means they are making the most of this unique moment in history by being creative, resilient, productive and centered.

When we connect, my clients are referencing tools they learned from coaching conversations we've had over the years.  (I am so proud of them!!)

For example:

  • How to be resilient
  • Being responsive versus reactive
  • The importance of daily rituals and self-care
  • Anchoring your day with habits that provide structure
  • Understanding yourself and enforcing boundaries, when necessary
  • Curating what you allow into your thoughts/mind
  • How your environments evolve you (home and work)
  • Thriving versus surviving
  • How to pivot or make a transition
  • Declaring a “theme” for the year or any important event
  • Deciding how you want to “BE” or show up, as a person
  • Surrounding yourself with positive visual anchors
  • Serving versus selling
  • Starting the day with a clear intention
  • Designing life/career around your values
  • Need versus want 
  • Quieting your mind with meditation or prayer
  • Nourishing your body with healthy food
  • How to ‘re-frame’ something in a new light
  • Building a "reserve" and having more than enough (money, support, time, energy, resources, etc)
  • Feeling restored by time in nature
  • Leading your team with a coach approach versus micromanaging
  • Focusing on possibilities versus limitations
  • Harnessing the power of disruption (SUPER important right now)
  • Being an observer of yourself without adding judgement or shame
  • How to see opportunities clearly
  • Allowing people to help rather than being a lone ranger
  • Love versus fear
  • Tools for reducing anxiety and finding inner peace
  • Daily gratitude practice

The list goes on and on…….and if you’ve been coached by me before, I hope this list reminds you to go back to the basics and focus on what worked for you during the last major transition you experienced.  


The purpose of any disruptive period in your life is to allow more LIGHT and CLARITY to break through.  That’s happening right now. 


Personally, I feel very strong and feel fortunate about that. So, I'd like to support all of my clients, former clients, and anyone else with a brief 'question of the day' to gather up the amazing insights that are emerging. 

For example, here's what some of my clients said in the last week:

"It's interesting. I'm working the same hours now, from home, as I did from the office.  Yet, I don't feel wiped out at the end of the day. I feel energized." 

"I'm finally delegating more because I have to and I realize how much lighter I feel as a result. I need to keep doing this."

"I notice I'm just surviving and not thriving. Other people seem to be enjoying themselves more right now. I'm waiting for the quarantine to be over just like I've waited for the work day to end for the past 12 years. Or, waiting for the weekend.  Maybe I need to seriously change my life so it isn't something to merely endure. It's time to get happy again."

"I'm feeling content having what I need and not as obsessed having every whim I want. I'm making less impulse purchases and feeling happier with less."

"I notice I'm not being present with my family, even though we're all here. I'm still seeking out distractions and wonder what that's about?"

"My husband watches the news all day long and I don't want to - so we were arguing a lot like we always do. We talked about it and we're communicating better for the first time in a long time. Now, we have limits on tv-time and even unplugged the tv in our living room. He can watch it in the den. It feels good to set boundaries and be respected."

"Being alone isn't my thing. It's time for me to obsess less about work and get serious about finding a partner by dating more because that's what I really want the most."

"My house could be a lot more comfortable and cozy.  I'll work on that."


What are YOU discovering about yourself right now?  Let's find out!




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