Q # 7- 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 07, 2020


I've coached smart and talented people who have a hard time seeing how their habits and patterns impact their life. This may be familiar to you, too.

The disruption in the world that's happening right now is forcing you to work in new ways, develop new patterns, and be flexible. You might even be meditating for the first time in your life, doing yoga, or looking for other ways to manage anxiety. You're trying new things and possibly breaking old habits. Guess what? You are actually disrupting yourself and it's exciting!

For example:

Walking outside is one of my favorite forms of exercise. I've walked up and down the streets, in my neighborhood, countless times. And, lately, I've seen MANY faces I've never seen before. In the past, I usually ran into the same people (other die-hard walkers) during my neighborhood strolls. It's a totally new ballgame lately, though.

People are walking more because their gym is closed and they are looking for a *new* way to exercise. There are also LOTS of people riding bikes, which is something new. I even dusted off my bike and rode it this weekend, for the first time in forever. Usually, I ride a stationary bike at the gym as part of my workout, while watching the tv monitors. That seems so boring now!  Riding outside disrupted a habit and I realize I PREFER being outside looking at nature instead. 

You're probably developing new habits and routines, too. Am I right?

I bet you're working in new ways, for example.  You might even be stepping up more as a leader. 

So many of my clients are telling me how much they enjoy working from home and having more time freedom during the day.  Are you feeling that way, too?

Gathering for family meals is another habit you might be developing right now. 

Take a look at all of your new habits/patterns and ask yourself if you are happier NOW or still yearning for the old way.


What's ONE pattern or habit you've disrupted recently? What do you notice? Do you like the new way or are you still hoping to go back to your old habit? (Hint: think about the new ways you're working, eating, exercising, communicating, dressing, thinking, etc.)


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