Q # 6 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 06, 2020


Does your home support or drain you?

For example:  the furniture, the windows, the lighting, the computer, your bedroom, tv room, storage areas,  the bathrooms, the sounds, the scents, your yard, flowers on the desk.  EVERYTHING.

How do you FEEL when you're at home?

Today, I simply want you to be more aware of how your home environment impacts you.  Take a moment right now to notice how you feel when you’re at home.

What does your home say about you?  Be objective and/or ask a friend to give you an honest opinion about it.

Does it say you're frazzled, clear-thinking, creative, depressed, dated, vibrant, focused, healthy, spiritual or scattered?

For example, one of my clients was sick and tired of being a conformist and rule-following robot.  She was itching to become more of a LEADER in her life and less of a FOLLOWER.  

When we chatted about it, she blamed her boss for being so strict and requiring conformist behavior at work.  Individuality was not nurtured or encouraged there at all. You could see it with the beige walls and how people were dressed.

Then, we chatted about her HOME environment, which is easier to control, wouldn't you say?  I asked her to tell me what her home said about her. We started by talking about a very personal space, her bedroom.

Guess what?  It was beige, too.  Not a lot of personality at all.  No fresh flowers, no interesting artwork, just HO-HUM.  Boring linens on the bed...the whole nine yards.  

"Did your boss decorate your bedroom", I asked.   

My first assignment for this client was to spruce up ONE room of her home so it was a reflection of the more creative side of herself (the one that's been trying to emerge).

In other words, your home needs to remind you of your highest intentions.  It needs to support you in becoming your best self. 

After making her bedroom much more colorful and unique, she decided to convert a spare room into her 'creative zone' with lots of table space for art projects. 

NOW, her home is a reflection of the person she'd truly like to be.

Is YOUR home a reflection of the person you'd like to be?

Another client told me how much she loved music so she decided to move her grandmother's piano into her home and it brought her SOOO much joy!

Since we’re all spending a LOT of time at home, right now, it’s wise to look around and notice what you’d like to improve.  You don’t have to make those improvements this month, but go ahead and jot down your ideas so you’ll be ready when the time is right. Of course, if you can make a few improvements now, go for it!  You’ll be glad you did.

Personally, I value words a lot and have positive sayings all over my house.

In my kitchen, I have a large quote that says "Enjoy the little things because one day you'll look back and realize those were the big things."

In my home office, I have many framed words/artwork such as "Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen." Another favorite is:  "We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden." - Goethe.

In the front entry way, we have a sign that says "Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."

In my yoga/pilates/meditation room, the word "IMAGINE" is framed by the door.

Can you tell how much I value words?

So, when you spruce up your home, please realize it's not just about furniture.  It's about creating a home that reflects your values and feels supportive versus draining.



Does your home support or drain you?  What does your home say about you? How do you feel when you're at home? How would you like to feel? Jot down your ideal home vision NOW.


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