Q # 5 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 05, 2020


Do you remember the Freshman-15 you tried to avoid in college (gaining 15 lbs)? Well, watch out for the Quarantine-15 because it's creeping in!

Some of my clients are starting to notice weight gain or disconnecting from their body, while sheltering at home.  However, I also notice other clients getting MORE fit and nurturing their body more than ever!

Which one are you?  

Many of us spend a lot of time in our heads - thinking, worrying or working.  Do you find yourself hanging out in your mind a bit more, lately? Take a break from that and shift your focus to your BODY.

Start by noticing how you FEEL in your body.  Sluggish from binge watching Netflix?  Uptight or tired from so many changes?  Relaxed and strong from regular exercise? Radiant and beautiful from relaxing baths, at-home spa or skincare treatments?

What do you want your body to say or project about you?

How you feel in your BODY has a lot to do with your level of happiness.  Don’t get stuck in how your body is NOW - remember, you can always change.

For example, one of my clients was in her early 50’s and kept complaining about gravity taking over and feeling tired a lot.  On one level she accepted these natural changes to her body but she also yearned for something different.

When asked this question, she answered with “I want my body to say I’m STRONG.”

That was her truth.  That was what her heart desired.

So, she went after it.

We defined what STRONG looked like in her mind and realized it encompassed brighter colors in her wardrobe, more polished make-up, strong abs, and sculpted arms and legs.

For YOU, ‘strong’ could look totally different.

With a clear vision in mind, she embarked on a ‘get strong’ journey over the next year. It was very fun to watch her ongoing transformation, even though there were some rocky moments.

You see, when you define how you WANT to be and blaze a trail, sometimes your default mode activates and you go back to the ‘same old same old’. Happens to everyone!  (Hint:  is this happening to you right now, with the Covid stress?) Just keep yourself focused on how you WANT to be (visual images, pictures, habits, and framed words will all help) and take it one week at a time. 

Your BODY encompasses many elements such as:

  • physical body
  • skin / complexion
  • health
  • vision and hearing
  • physical appearance
  • hair
  • organs
  • body systems such as circulatory and digestive
  • posture
  • energy level
  • body language
  • how you feel in your body
  • how you move
  • teeth
  • weight
  • nutrition habits
  • sleep habits
  • chronic health conditions or illnesses 


JOURNAL PROMPT:  What do you want your body to say or project about you?  How do you want to feel in your body?  Map out an exciting vision in great detail so you're clear about the direction you're going.  How can you take advantage of the extra time at home to actually IMPROVE your body?  (If you think you don't have extra time, try trading one hour of unnecessary mental activity for one hour of body-focused activity.  I know you can do it.)


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