Q # 3 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 03, 2020


Close your eyes and ask yourself what you NEED right now.  

One of my clients developed the habit of asking this question, every single day, for a year.  She didn't just ask, though, she also followed through by giving herself whatever she needed. 

Most of her needs had to do with self-care such as taking time to recharge, removing obligations, or setting boundaries.  YOUR needs might be totally different, by the way.

Before developing this new habit she was living in constant crisis/drama mode and was overweight, very stressed, and unhappy.

It was amazing to see her literally heal and transform over time.  

**** Knowing what you need and honoring that truth is HEALING. ****

What do YOU need right now?  Develop the daily habit of closing your eyes and asking that question - every day.  Hey, it's easy to do while brushing your teeth, so maybe that's a good time for you?? Make this super easy by posting the question "What do I need today?" on your mirror so it's front and center for you to see.

Notice the answer that pops up and honor it.  Then, try to give yourself what you need in the next 24 hours. 

As we approach the weekend, take this idea for a test drive and see how the weekend shapes up.

Here's what you might need this weekend, if you ask yourself right now:

  • a complete break from work or computer activities (throw a sheet over your computer, hide it or lock your home office door)
  • a really good workout (there are many online or you can go for a walk/bike-ride)
  • less responsibility with family (if you've been cooking, all week, delegate this to someone else at home)
  • a good belly laugh (watch a comedy show on Netflix)
  • to feel more organized and structured
  • fewer news updates (take a total break from Covid news this weekend and check back on Monday.  Or, ask someone else to filter the news for you with a brief daily update in ONE paragraph only.)
  • more quiet time
  • a sense of accomplishment with a few key goals
  • a clean house (set a timer, for one hour, and give everyone clear tasks to do)
  • a massage/reflexology (get a tennis ball and roll it around your foot, while lightly standing on it.  It's AWESOME.  Or, recruit a family member to give you a massage.)
  • more food (make your list so you can dash in and out with your groceries or use a food delivery service such as Instacart or Shipt)
  • less stress around meals (pre-make a bunch of family meals, this weekend, by grilling meat and steaming veggies.  Store it all in the fridge or freezer. Fun family activity.)
  • a new hobby to enjoy (start a puzzle, artwork, photography around the neighborhood, playing music, etc.)
  • spiritual connection (watch a church service online/tv , listen to a Sunday service on the radio, or meditate more this weekend and chat with God)

The KEY is to ASK YOURSELF what you need and then honor that request.

Want to do more?  Ask each family member what they feel they NEED today,  so everyone can be supportive and aware. 


Journal Prompt:

What do you NEED right now?  If you know you need something, such as more fitness, and you're not giving that to yourself....journal your thoughts about that.  What's getting in your way? Do you believe you deserve to have what you need or not?


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