Q # 27 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 27, 2020


This is a topic that can be fun to address OR it could bring up some feelings of anxiety. No matter where you are with your financial goals, take a look at this question and come up with an answer.

One of my clients mentioned her shameful feelings around not being prepared for retirement. In her mid 40's, she's starting to feel very stressed about it and contacted me to talk about career options. 

As we talked more about her goals, my client said 'wow, I wish someone would've asked me these questions 20 years ago, or even 10!'

So, this is what prompted my question for today.

Even if you're feeling a lack of peace around money right now, taking positive steps forward will make you feel much better.

Creating financial abundance might entail cleaning up your debt, saving, or finding ways to increase your income.


Ideas to consider:

  • start a retirement savings account or ramp up the one you have
  • eliminate CC debt once and for all or make a huge dent
  • start saving 20% of your income or more
  • ask for a raise at work and increase your salary
  • start a side business, do gig work, or get a part-time job
  • start a 'fun fund' and set aside money for big dreams or vacations
  • stop overspending or buying things you don't truly need
  • downsize or cut your living expenses in half
  • learn to invest or take another money related class
  • restore integrity around money by paying back a loan to a friend
  • negotiate a lower interest rate on credit card debt
  • change your money beliefs so they're more supportive
  • find a money mentor and soak up some knowledge
  • leverage your time to serve more clients
  • live within your means
  • after the quarantine, continue eating at home versus eating out so much
  • refinance your mortgage or pay down the principal at a faster rate


These are just a handful of ideas. Now, brainstorm ideas and pick one you're willing and able to move forward in the next week.



How can you create more financial abundance in your life? What can you do, in the next week, to get started?


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