Q # 22 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 22, 2020


I keep getting the feeling some of my clients are holding their breath - literally and figuratively.  Maybe you can relate?

We're waiting to see what happens next.....

Or, we're hesitant to breathe deeply at the grocery store or around other people.

In my case, I notice it's tough to fully breathe whenever I'm wearing a mask.   

How about you?

Today's insight is about BREATHING.  There's a short 5 minute guided meditation in the video above.  The audio was created by a psychologist named Dr. Cheryl Rezak from the UK.  I found it on the FreeMindfulness.org/download website as a tool anyone can download for free. (look for the 5 minute breathing meditation called Life Happens on that site, if you want a copy)

There are so many incredible mindfulness and meditation resources available right now!

One of my favorite meditation sites is meditainment.com and I listen to their guided visualizations regularly. 

You don't need ANY special tools to meditate or visualize, though.

It's EASY to simply close your eyes and BREATHE deeply for a few minutes.  In and out through the nose.  When you do this, put one hand on your belly to make sure you are breathing deeply.  You'll feel your stomach expand and contract as you breathe.


Mindful breathing has tremendous health benefits, such as:

  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Reducing depression
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Reducing stress levels in your body
  • Lowering your heart rate
  • Regulating your body's reaction to stress and fatigue
  • Decreasing the possibility of burnout for caregivers


Try listening to the audio (in the video above) and see how you feel after only 5 minutes.  See how easy this is?

If you enjoyed this exercise, consider starting your day with deep breathing or as a much needed break during a busy work day.



How's your breathing lately?  Do you get the sense you are holding your breath? When does that happen to you? (around a certain person, when you're worried, all day long, etc).  How did you feel after listening to the 5 minute breathing audio?


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