Q # 21 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 21, 2020


When I lived in Hawaii, I loved going to the North Shore and sitting on the beach to watch surfers riding the waves.

Right now, you might be wondering how you'll ride the wave of the Corona crisis.  You're probably also hoping you won't drown.  Am I right?

I've always been fascinated by TRENDS in the world and study them since I believe it helps my clients make smart career related choices.

A trend is very much like a wave. It's a force of energy that can propel you forward, IF you know how to ride the wave.

There are *many* trends that will emerge this year.  Some of them have been in formation for quite some time but they will become more evident now.

Here are some of the trends I see:

  • Online learning is more popular and acceptable
  • Remote working is more popular
  • Increased interest in wellness/health
  • Greater respect for true experts (look at how you're eagerly waiting to hear Dr Birx and Fauci's comments, each day, for example)
  • Tele-medicine is more acceptable and desirable
  • Stockpiling items that are important to you (buying in bulk)
  • New appreciation for your home or outdoor spaces
  • Kindness is the new cool and health is the new wealth
  • Eating from home more versus relying on fast-food
  • Flexible ways of exercising from home - beyond yoga (will impact gyms)
  • Disruption of most industries or out-dated ways of working  (this has been trending for awhile now)
  • Vulnerability and transparency (perfection is no longer required)
  • Simplicity (lower tolerance for complicated apps, processes, etc.)
  • Meditation more mainstream 
  • Comfy clothing (athleisure will become more popular and mainstream)
  • Data literacy (companies that understand business trends and shifting customer needs are better able to respond in the best way)
  • Greater respect for creativity and ingenuity (creating a needed product, quickly, will be valuable)


The list goes on and on! I could talk about this topic forever since it's so interesting.

What do YOU notice as emerging trends?

If you're trying to figure out how to RIDE the wave versus DROWNING in the water, align yourself with a solid trend and you'll get a surge of energy to carry you forward.

One small change, in the direction of a trend, can make a major difference.  Be OPEN and WILLING to change.

If you manage people, realize that you can't put the genie back in the bottle!  Become more flexible by allowing people to continue working remotely if you notice they were MORE productive during this time (consider letting them work from home 1-2 days a week, if they request it) or you might lose employees.

Ride the wave, people! It's waiting to propel you forward.



How can you ride the wave of a trend?  What are some tweaks (minor or major) you could make, in your career, to catch the wave of a trend?  What are some trends YOU see emerging right now?  



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