Q # 10 - 30 Days of Insight

30 days of insight Apr 10, 2020


Who doesn't love some fresh ginger in a delicious meal?  Do you really NEED it right now, though?

That was the topic of conversation my husband I had recently when he announced he was going to the store just to buy some ginger for a special dish he wanted to make.  (We already had powdered ginger in the spice cabinet, by the way.)

We're all limiting our trips to the grocery store right now during the quarantine, correct?  I hope so!

I'm sure you've had a similar experience thinking about something you wanted from the 'good old days' (which was only 2-3 weeks ago) such as a meal from your favorite restaurant, a good haircut, or an item from the store.

Right now is a great time to learn the difference between NEED and WANT.

First, a definition:

Need: something you can’t live without.

Want: something you would like but you could live without.

When considering the difference between wants and needs, think about if you could survive with or without this item

Why does this matter?

Challenging yourself to forgo something you want can help you:

  • lose weight (only eat food you need to nourish your body and skip the junk food)
  • reduce debt (only buy items you need and stop making impulse purchases)
  • do high priority work items first and limit distractions

I talk about NEED versus WANT with many of my clients.  For example, one client was in serious debt and eliminated it by asking herself "DO I NEED THIS?" before making ANY purchase.  That one question helped her so much.

Sure, it's perfectly fine to have what you want! In fact, as a coach, I help most of my clients clarify and get what they want.

However, I also want you to notice when your WANTS get in the way of having what you deeply NEED. 

Also, notice when you classify something as a NEED when it's merely a want. 

Oh yes, my husband and I had a great conversation about this and he's now making fewer trips to the store and using food items we already have on hand.  It's a good exercise for all of us.



What's the difference between need and want?  (make sure you are clear about the definition).  What's something you thought you needed, in the past, but you realize you don't really need at all? In which areas of your life would you like to focus more on reducing wants and simply getting what you need?  (spending habits, eating habits, etc)


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