Media Mentions

I *love* magazines and print media and enjoy offering tips, advice or brainstorming story ideas with editors. Several of my clients have been featured in national magazines, too!


Some Partial Excerpts:

"Founder of, a success coaching firm in Dallas. Previously the owner of an executive recruiting firm...her clients hail from as far away as England and Japan..." - Entrepreneur Magazine10 Great Businesses To Start Now.

"It's interesting to write down all of the negative or limiting beliefs you can identify and then see if you can detect the original source," Taliaferro says. "Is this truly your thought, or is it a thought someone gave you? Do you truly believe you 'can't do it' or were you simply told you 'can't do it' as a kid?  Insecurity is a feeling. Feelings originate from thoughts. Some people feel helpless when they have a certain feeling, as if they are a victim and can't really control it. But see if you can identify the thought that led to the feeling. Then try to upgrade or change that thought, and your feelings will change." - Dallas Morning News, Getting to the root of your insecurities -- and how to fight them

‚Äč"According to Life Coach Kristin Taliaferro, 'Any time you react to someone's advice, it means there's a kernel of truth in what they're saying. After you freak out, go away and examine what she said -- maybe it was just the nudge you needed.' " - Company Magazine (UK)7 Deadly Advice Sins

"The notion that women need to be in conflict or compete with one another is outdated. Many women are supportive of other women, so seek out those women! They are everywhere!” - Elle Magazine Indonesia, Elle At Work - Skirt Battles

"It's important to realize that postponing change doesn't make it any easier. People become more and more beaten down and lose their confidence the longer they're in a job they shouldn't be in..."Moving on is always awkward. Be prepared for it. To be successful, you have to get comfortable with being awkward for a time. When you think it's time to move on, you need to do it as soon as you can. If you don't, there's a chance you never will." - MSN.comWaste Not Want Not

"KristinCoach offers a few strategies. If you are trying to imagine the perfect career, avoid mulling over a bunch of job titles. Instead, grab a piece of paper and list the qualities you are looking for - things like 'creative,' 'challenging,' or even short commute."Woman's Day Magazine, How to Know What You Want

"Face the situation and take responsibility for your actions. This isn't the time for denial. Tell the truth if you've made a big mistake," Taliaferro said. "It's better to fess up and realize that everyone is making mistakes. You can usually clear it up." - Chicago TribuneDigging Out

"Sometiimes a big goal will totally change the direction of your life," says Kristin Taliaferro who specializes in helping clients reach their loftiest goals. "It's like a tornado that will just sweep you up." - ATA World Magazine, How To Achieve Big Goals

"Whenever you find yourself avoiding a task, ask yourself "What’s in it for me?" suggests Kristin Taliaferro, a Master Certified life and career coach in Dallas. “Look at the outcome and what you’ll gain if you do the thing you don’t want to do,” she says. “Keep your attention there. Surround yourself with reminders of the outcome to keep yourself focused and motivated.”- Better Health And Living MagazineHow To Love Doing The Things You Hate

Professional life and career coach Kristin Taliaferro believes that starting the day off on your own terms is key to productivity. "If you begin your day checking email, for example, you’re at the mercy of everyone else’s agenda and that can absolutely shape your day and cause you to be unproductive with your goals." Instead, she recommended readers engage in enjoyable activities (like walking or reading spiritual texts) and "wait until you feel grounded and clear about your agenda for the day." - PsychCentral , 12 More Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Stay Productive and Overcome Pitfalls

"Powerful words should frame your focus for the year", said Kristin Taliaferro. "Pick three words that describe how you would like to be, such as, 'beautiful,' 'radiant,' and 'fit'," she advises. "Then pick goals that move you closer to becoming those three words." - Dallas Morning News, Resolutions Easy To Make, Easier To Break

Master Certified life and career coach Kristin Taliaferro helps her clients set an intention for the holidays, which includes both what they want to do and how they want to be. "For instance, they might want to host a party or take a vacation. And they might want to be calmer, a better listener or more present with their families", she said. "When acting on your intention, try to find simple, less stressful solutions. If you really want to host a party, but feel drained just thinking about it, have a potluck instead", Taliaferro said. "You get what you want, minus the stress." - PsychCentral, 8 Tips To Make the Most Of Your Holidays

"Ask for help: Stop acting as if you can do it all," says life coach Kristin Taliaferro. "Enlist your husband, your children, your extended family and friends – get the help you need and don't let guilt drain your precious energy." - Dallas Morning News, How Some Working Moms Ease the Transition Between Office and Home. 

"Just get it done. Focus on completion, not perfection," says Life Coach Kristin Taliaferro. "Perfection will lead to endless lists and a slew of incomplete projects. Now, is that what you want? What matters most is your ability to start and complete a project."-  Oxygen MagazineThe Joy of Being Imperfect

"You can't get rid of stress but you can make it work for you," says stress-busting expert Kristin Taliaferro. -  Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK edition)The Secret Addiction of Stressed Women

"According to life coach Kristin Taliaferro, the little things that bother you do more than drain your energy, they clutter your life to such an extent that you have no time for anything else. So, we spoke with Taliaferro and two other "toleration-free" women to find out how they did it...." - Family CircleHow to Take Charge of Those Little Annoyances

Taliaferro always takes at least one break “in the middle of the day to refresh my mind.” As she explained, “Productivity has a lot to do with how you feel. If you remain energized, you can work smarter and get more done.” She also makes sure to eat healthfully, exercise, get enough sleep and engage in other self-care activities. “This helps me feel strong and centered when I’m actually working,” she said. - PsychCentral

"People definitely need 'me time' with everything that's going on in the world. You need to always be concerned with your energy supply." -  Orlando Sentinel, Make a You Turn

"Connect With Your Passion. What would you do with your life if you could do anything you wanted? Travel? Write? Paint? Open a restaurant? Teach? If a fun idea comes to mind, don't squelch it. Taliaferro says, Many women have trouble with doing things that are fun. But your passion may be painting or crafts; it may not be linked to a career. It might just be a lifestyle." -  HomeLife Magazine, Make A Break For It

"Personal coach, Kristin Taliaferro, suggests you map your 3 top priorities - 'put them on notecards and post them everywhere...measure against your top 3 priorities'..." - MSN.comThe Balancing Act

"Our experts are Kristin Taliaferro, a lifecoach from Dallas..." - Marie Claire Magazine - How Does She Do It All?

"Many factors can explain your sluggish system. Worrying excessively or feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or angry can deplete your energy", according to Kristin Taliaferro, Master Certified life and career coach. "‚ÄčEven itty-bitty annoyances become a big drain on your energy and can really weigh you down", according to Taliaferro. She teaches clients to practice a technique called “toleration removal.” She simply asks clients to create a list of all the things that annoy them about their life, job and relationships. Then she encourages them to remove several drains per week. “Taking charge of your life is always energizing,“ Taliaferro said. - Psych Central, 4 On-the-Spot Energy Boosters

"One of my mantras is: Be willing to be awkward if you want to create change. If someone is uncomfortable being insecure, they may shut down and stop trying. My advice is to be 100 percent OK with feeling insecure and then take action regardless. The insecurity will transform into confidence, since confidence comes from doing. That's a key point." - Dallas Morning News

"If you find yourself in the grip of insecurity, try literally gripping a pen, holding it horizontally. As you're gripping the pen, notice the insecure feeling you've been gripping," Taliaferro says. "Notice how this fear has shown up in the past week. Did your fear of not being good enough coax you to lower your standards in some way? Did it cause you to be silent during an important meeting? Simply notice -- don't judge yourself. Then set an intention to release the insecure feeling. As you do this, open your hand and release the pen. Notice how that felt. Repeating this exercise anytime you're feeling trapped by insecurity can help train your brain in the openness and relaxation it feels when you drop the pen and the insecurity." - Dallas Morning News



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