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I'm Kristin Taliaferro, an MCC certified (top 1%) life and career coach. I help my clients get very clear about what they want and team up with them each week to add focus and momentum.

KristinCoach.com was launched in 1999.  In my previous career, I owned a successful executive recruiting business. My approach to life and career coaching has attracted media attention from various publications including Woman's Day, Entrepreneur Magazine, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Family Circle, Chicago Tribune, Oxygen Magazine, Modern Luxury Dallas, Life & Style, and Dallas Morning News. 

People usually seek me out for my direct approach and fresh perspective. Major areas of focus include work/life balance, career coaching, and achieving personal goals with greater ease. 

Midway through college, I jetted off to Europe and spent a summer and semester in London.  I was there with a few other friends and we each had the time of our lives working in London and travelling as much as possible.

My career eureka moment happened in the personnel department at Harrods department store.  While we all waited to hear our name called, I watched the interviewer usher people back to her office and then back again to the front desk. Her job was to place each person in the ideal position.

My First Job After College 

After returning to the US and graduating with my psychology degree, I started looking for a job that resembled the "interviewer" job at Harrods.

Through research, I learned about the recruiting industry and promptly called the president of the local association of personnel consultants.

"Hi, I am a new college graduate and would love to interview you about the recruiting profession.  Do you have 15 minutes to meet with me?"

"We don't hire new grads, sorry"  was his reply.

Through persistence, I was able to arrange an informational meeting with him.

I talked my way into a job, too.  Of course, it was straight commission (as in NO upfront pay) but that didn't bother me. Within the first month, I made my first 'placement' and started earning an income.  Within a year, I left and started my own recruiting company.

I'll never forget how scared I was to tell my mentor - my boss - I wanted to venture out on my own.

This very kind, supportive man shocked me by saying "You'll never make it. You are way too young."

So, I packed up my things and left.

Opening An Executive Recruiting Company

My next step was to rent an office and officially launch my recruiting business.  I was scared to death but also excited about the possibilities.

With a lot of hard work, I developed my business and earned more than most of my friends.

One of my clients needed intensive recruiting help, so I traveled for 2 years hiring professionals for their SW region.

By age 27, I directed the national recruiting program for the largest home-healthcare company in the US. 

This was my initiation into challenging working conditions.  8 AM - 9 PM was a fairly typical work day.  It was an office full of stressed out maniacs and I worked nearly every day, including weekends!

Keeping up with the demands was a challenge, no matter how hard I tried.  

A Fork In The Road

My personal life suffered and I started thinking about my next move - but could not figure it out.

The few moments of total peace and clarity came to me, each week, during the final minutes of a yoga class.  You know, the corpse pose where you just lie still?  Being still allowed brief insights to enter my mind.

If you want to figure out your 'future', start by getting present with what's right in front of you.  The clues are always right there.

Each day, as I interviewed candidates for jobs, I noticed many of them looked unhappy.  Why on earth would they take another job and move their family across the country if they didn't love the work?  If baffled me.

So, I started getting real - very real - with the job candidates.

As unorthodox as it was, I encouraged job candidates to *not* take the job they interviewed for and to pursue their passion instead.  I also invited them to call me in a week to tell me they took the first step.

And, so begun my coaching career in 1999

Sure, it wasn't good for business to talk people OUT of a job, but it was good for my soul.

Soon thereafter, I heard about a coaching conference and attended.  I quickly signed up for a two year training  program and shut down my recruiting business. 

I was clear, however, I did not want to be in the position of 'recruiting' clients or pushing coaching in any way.  In fact, I was so sick of recruiting I had a nice bon fire one night with all of the resumes I collected over the years.  How's that for officially closing down a business?  S'mores anyone?

Somewhere along the way I learned that very skilled and talented people tend to easily attract clients.  So, that was the gameplan.  My strategy was to be GOOD - really good.

The best coach, at the time, was Thomas Leonard.  As the grandfather of the industry he was THE most respected and talented coaching expert.  During my second year as a coach, I worked for him.

And, today, I continue to learn and grow through various trainings and classes.  Being good at what I do matters to me. 

But, being a 'force of good' in people's lives matters even more.

Fun highlights and little known facts about my coaching career:

  • Coached from Hawaii for three years (great place to learn about work/life balance!)
  • Logged over 20,000 hours of 1:1 coaching with clients, not including any group coaching  -  that's a lot!
  • Contacted by several reality show producers with very cheesy ideas over the years! (no, thank you)
  • Mastered the 4 day work week.  I take most Thursdays off after a quick 20 minute email check.
  • 90% of my clients come to me via referrals - thank you!!
  • Every Monday, I send out an inspiring quote to thousands of subscribers for free.
  • Not big into social media since it feels like a time drain. 
  • Guilty of taking on too many clients at once (too much of a good thing is not a good thing), so I have boundaries around my schedule now.
  • I only coach people I genuinely like and feel good about helping. (energizing!)
  • A pioneer in e-coaching.  Launched my first e-course 10 years ago.
  • A national magazine called wanting life coaching advice for a celebrity and I spent time researching her so I could offer solid advice since I genuinely wanted to see her turn things around. They were shocked my advice wasn't fluffy and had substance. I care about people and want the best for them.
  • Coaching has made ME a better person in so many ways.  More compassionate, stronger self-care, wiser, etc.

When hiring a coach, you need to look for three things:

  • Coach training and certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF). -  This is the best way to authenticate the coach is trained to support you with your goals. ICF certified coaches abide by a code of ethics, which includes strict confidentiality between client and coach. There are 3 levels of certifications. The top coaches are classified as MCC - Master Certified Coach. For more information about the 3 levels, see below. Hiring a coach with more experience and skill may save you time and money since they can typically get results in a much shorter period of time and with fewer sessions. 
  • Chemistry - Once you've established the coach you're considering is properly trained to bring out your best, arrange a sample session to see if you mesh well. 
  • Results - Most coaches feature brief testimonials on their website. Dig deeper and ask the coach to share client stories and results achieved. 

I always feel incredibly energized after speaking with Kristin.  She knows exactly what to ask and where to go with our sessions. That level of expertise is extremely valuable to me.- Linda Formichelli 

What Qualifies Me To Coach People:

  • Full time professional coach since 1999
  • B.A. Psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas
  • Graduate of two year coach training program - Coach University/Coach Inc.
  • Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) - rigorous process and evaluation of coaching style, client hours, training and satisfaction from previous clients. Currently awarded to only 1% of my colleagues.
  • Previous career as Execuitve Recruiter and business owner
  • Direct, energetic, and warm personality
  • Results - of course!  Check out client stories page. 

The 3 Levels of Credentials From The International Coach Federation:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

60 hours of coach specific training
250 hours of coaching experience with clients
Satisfactory completion of oral exam
Agreement to adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

125 hours of coach specific training
750 hours of coaching experience with clients
Satisfactory completion of written and oral exam
Agreement to adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF
Continued professional development to renew credential every three years

Master Certified Coach (MCC)

200 hours of coach specific training ( ** I take 5 hours+ of new training every month.)
2500 hours of coaching experience with clients  (** I currently have over 20,000 hours.)
Satisfactory completion of written and oral exam
Demonstrated leadership within the profession
Agreement to adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF
Continued professional development to renew credential every three years

I've been quoted or featured in the following publications:

  • Honolulu Advertiser
  • Better Health & Living Magazine
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Woman's Day Magazine
  • MSN.com
  • Marie Claire Magazine
  • Family Circle Magazine
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Orlando Sentinel
  • Elle Magazine 
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK)
  • Home Life Magazine
  • Meaning & Purpose Magazine
  • Company Magazine (UK)
  • Modern Luxury Dallas
  • Oxygen Magazine
  • Life & Style Magazine
  • Dallas Morning News
  • ATA World Magazine
  • PsychCentral

Some Excerpts:

"Founder of KristinCoach.com, a success coaching firm in Dallas. Previously the owner of an executive recruiting firm...her clients hail from as far away as England and Japan..." - Entrepreneur Magazine, 10 Great Businesses To Start Now.

​"According to Life Coach Kristin Taliaferro, 'Any time you react to someone's advice, it means there's a kernel of truth in what they're saying. After you freak out, go away and examine what she said -- maybe it was just the nudge you needed.' " - Company Magazine (UK), 7 Deadly Advice Sins

"The notion that women need to be in conflict or compete with one another is outdated. Many women are supportive of other women, so seek out those women! They are everywhere!” - Elle Magazine Indonesia, Elle At Work - Skirt Battles

"It's important to realize that postponing change doesn't make it any easier. People become more and more beaten down and lose their confidence the longer they're in a job they shouldn't be in..."Moving on is always awkward. Be prepared for it. To be successful, you have to get comfortable with being awkward for a time. When you think it's time to move on, you need to do it as soon as you can. If you don't, there's a chance you never will." - MSN.com, Waste Not Want Not

"KristinCoach offers a few strategies. If you are trying to imagine the perfect career, avoid mulling over a bunch of job titles. Instead, grab a piece of paper and list the qualities you are looking for - things like 'creative,' 'challenging,' or even short commute."- Woman's Day Magazine, How to Know What You Want

"Face the situation and take responsibility for your actions. This isn't the time for denial. Tell the truth if you've made a big mistake," Taliaferro said. "It's better to fess up and realize that everyone is making mistakes. You can usually clear it up." - Chicago Tribune, Digging Out

"Sometiimes a big goal will totally change the direction of your life," says Kristin Taliaferro who specializes in helping clients reach their loftiest goals. "It's like a tornado that will just sweep you up." - ATA World Magazine, How To Achieve Big Goals

"Whenever you find yourself avoiding a task, ask yourself "What’s in it for me?" suggests Kristin Taliaferro, a Master Certified life and career coach in Dallas. “Look at the outcome and what you’ll gain if you do the thing you don’t want to do,” she says. “Keep your attention there. Surround yourself with reminders of the outcome to keep yourself focused and motivated.”- Better Health And Living MagazineHow To Love Doing The Things You Hate

Professional life and career coach Kristin Taliaferro believes that starting the day off on your own terms is key to productivity. "If you begin your day checking email, for example, you’re at the mercy of everyone else’s agenda and that can absolutely shape your day and cause you to be unproductive with your goals." Instead, she recommended readers engage in enjoyable activities (like walking or reading spiritual texts) and "wait until you feel grounded and clear about your agenda for the day." - PsychCentral , 12 More Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Stay Productive and Overcome Pitfalls

"Powerful words should frame your focus for the year", said Kristin Taliaferro. "Pick three words that describe how you would like to be, such as, 'beautiful,' 'radiant,' and 'fit'," she advises. "Then pick goals that move you closer to becoming those three words." - Dallas Morning News, Resolutions Easy To Make, Easier To Break

Master Certified life and career coach Kristin Taliaferro helps her clients set an intention for the holidays, which includes both what they want to do and how they want to be. "For instance, they might want to host a party or take a vacation. And they might want to be calmer, a better listener or more present with their families", she said. "When acting on your intention, try to find simple, less stressful solutions. If you really want to host a party, but feel drained just thinking about it, have a potluck instead", Taliaferro said. "You get what you want, minus the stress." - PsychCentral, 8 Tips To Make the Most Of Your Holidays

"Ask for help: Stop acting as if you can do it all," says life coach Kristin Taliaferro. "Enlist your husband, your children, your extended family and friends – get the help you need and don't let guilt drain your precious energy." - Dallas Morning News, How Some Working Moms Ease the Transition Between Office and Home. 

"Just get it done. Focus on completion, not perfection," says Life Coach Kristin Taliaferro. "Perfection will lead to endless lists and a slew of incomplete projects. Now, is that what you want? What matters most is your ability to start and complete a project."-  Oxygen MagazineThe Joy of Being Imperfect

"You can't get rid of stress but you can make it work for you," says stress-busting expert Kristin Taliaferro. -  Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK edition)The Secret Addiction of Stressed Women

"According to life coach Kristin Taliaferro, the little things that bother you do more than drain your energy, they clutter your life to such an extent that you have no time for anything else. So, we spoke with Taliaferro and two other "toleration-free" women to find out how they did it...." - Family Circle, How to Take Charge of Those Little Annoyances

Taliaferro always takes at least one break “in the middle of the day to refresh my mind.” As she explained, “Productivity has a lot to do with how you feel. If you remain energized, you can work smarter and get more done.” She also makes sure to eat healthfully, exercise, get enough sleep and engage in other self-care activities. “This helps me feel strong and centered when I’m actually working,” she said. - PsychCentral

"People definitely need 'me time' with everything that's going on in the world. You need to always be concerned with your energy supply." -  Orlando Sentinel, Make a You Turn

"Connect With Your Passion. What would you do with your life if you could do anything you wanted? Travel? Write? Paint? Open a restaurant? Teach? If a fun idea comes to mind, don't squelch it. Taliaferro says, Many women have trouble with doing things that are fun. But your passion may be painting or crafts; it may not be linked to a career. It might just be a lifestyle." -  HomeLife Magazine, Make A Break For It

"Personal coach, Kristin Taliaferro, suggests you map your 3 top priorities - 'put them on notecards and post them everywhere...measure against your top 3 priorities'..." - MSN.com, The Balancing Act

"Our experts are Kristin Taliaferro, a lifecoach from Dallas..." - Marie Claire Magazine - How Does She Do It All?

"Many factors can explain your sluggish system. Worrying excessively or feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or angry can deplete your energy", according to Kristin Taliaferro, Master Certified life and career coach. "​Even itty-bitty annoyances become a big drain on your energy and can really weigh you down", according to Taliaferro. She teaches clients to practice a technique called “toleration removal.” She simply asks clients to create a list of all the things that annoy them about their life, job and relationships. Then she encourages them to remove several drains per week. “Taking charge of your life is always energizing,“ Taliaferro said. - Psych Central, 4 On-the-Spot Energy Boosters



When something isn't working well, how do you try to figure it out?

Most people seek INFORMATION. They ask friends for advice, look online, read books and spend hours thinking or worrying.  Yet, they are still stuck.

Maybe it's time for a TRANSFORMATION instead. 

What if you had someone in your life who would listen to your ideas and ask intelligent questions that pushed you into a higher level of thinking and acting?  

With 20+ years of full-time coaching experience, I've honed my ability to quickly get to the root so we can talk about what really matters.

Let's look at your life and career the same way an interior designer looks at a house - with fresh eyes, imagination, and a willingness to knock down some walls. 

Take a few minutes to review my client stories and learn more about the significant value coaching can provide you, too.

Note: Finding a coach from the internet can be a daunting task!  Let's make this easy. The most reputable coaches are credentialed by the ICF (International Coach Federation). So, only consider a trusted and reputable coach. To learn more about this, click the 'qualifications' tab above.

“A credentialed professional coach is your partner in achieving business and personal goals, your champion during a turnaround, your trainer in communication and life skills, your sounding board when making choices, your motivator when strong actions are called for, your unconditional support when you take a hit, your mentor in personal development, your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project, your beacon during stormy times, your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own, and a partner in having all of what matters most to you." - Thomas Leonard, grandfather of the coaching industry