Inner Circle - Begins January 15th.

Be focused and productive in 2024. Choose your goals for the year (a few big ones or many smaller ones) and let's move them forward - one week at a time!

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"It was fantastic how the exercises helped me realize exactly what my priorities are and greatly helped me focus and relax so I could go through life with more ease no matter how full my plate was!"

Leila Ghafarri

This is a program that helps you figure out the micro steps needed to reach your unique goals AND asks if you actually took those steps - weekly - for the entire year.  We will begin on January 15th, 2024.

Inner Circle 2024



Goal clarifying program plus personal feedback and accountability, directly from Coach Kristin, via your weekly focus form. All communication will be through personal emails.  Program starts January 15th and ends December 15th. ** Pay and participate on a monthly basis. 

SIGN UP NOW! $275/month

"Working with you helped me understand and trust the process of keeping a slow and steady pace. I was able to maintain focus and achieve most of the goals I set for myself in my personal and professional life. Being able to trust the process reduced my stress. It was reassuring to wake up each day and know that I had a plan in place that worked! The focus forms and your weekly check-ins by email held me accountable and were the most effective parts of the program for me. "

Jen Dubois
PR and Marketing Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

Inner Circle will help you to stay on track and reach your goals. This is results based coaching designed to make 2024 your best year yet!

We will primarily 'speak' via weekly emails. The main intention of this program is to keep you focused, inspired, and accountable all year long. 

We'll start the year getting clear about your goals and strategy for 2024.  Then, you'll complete a weekly focus form to update me on your progress or any challenges. Next, I will personally respond (by email) with feedback, coaching and observations - every week. (4 weeks per month)

Please note:  This is a year-long program but you will participate and pay on a month-by-month basis. You may easily cancel if the program no longer serves you. Conversely, we will cancel your membership if you aren't regularly checking in (at least 2 times per month) and demonstrating forward movement. Yes, baby steps absolutely count!

Here's what you'll do with my help:

  • Identify your list of goals and priorities for the year
  • Pick a few STRETCH goals to consider, too
  • Choose 3-5 self-care rituals and do them each week
  • Select a handful of goals to address each week (or focus on a few big goals the entire year)
  • Report your progress - via email - and get personal replies from your coach
  • Make yourself a priority this year

You will receive 4 weeks of coaching each month. You'll need at least 30 mins - 1 hour per week to work through the program. Most of this time will be spent doing specific action items related to your unique goals!  This isn't a program you will sign up for and then 'forget' about or put on the shelf since you'll be in touch with us each week. In past years, most participants remained in the program for the entire year - because it's simple, effective, and fun!


No, it's not hard to do!  You'll spend about 30 - 60 minutes, a week, taking action on your unique goals. 

We will make sure you feel supported and energized as you work through the program and go for your goals. Being overwhelmed isn't necessary so we'll keep a close eye on that and make sure the way you choose to do this program is balanced and ideal for YOU. 

Note: The first phase of goal setting (first two weeks) may take more time.  It varies for each person. 


Inner Circle is an ongoing program but you will pay and participate on a month by month basis. You may easily cancel before the next billing cycle of any month. Try it for the first month and see how you like it! In past years, over 90% of participants remained in the program all year since it's effective, inspiring, and fun.  This program is in its 12th year and has been refined every year.  We will begin on January 15th and wrap up on December 15th 2024. 


EVERYONE ends up accomplishing tangible goals. It's how my clients personally evolve, along the way, that excites me the most. Here are a few examples.

Removed 'Shoulds'

"Almost anyone can set goals and work towards fulfilling them. The Inner Circle
Program does much more than that. It starts with creating a mindset that serves me in all areas of my life. Kristin has shown me how to remove anything that gets in the way of achieving my goals. In IC we create grounding rituals and learn how to identify our core values and live by them. Making decisions and taking positive action become effortless when I’m clear about what is truly important to me. Most of all I’ve learned to be myself in a world that is relentless about telling us how we “should” be. Removing the shoulds from my thinking has been one of my best accomplishments."- Jo-Anne

Acted With Courage

"I'm proud that I had the courage to realize that all the discipline in the world doesn't matter if you don't have any focus, and that I finally got brave enough to get some assistance in turning potential into reality. I think you should know that it is a rare person indeed who can communicate, just over web pages and e-mail, that she can be trusted with a person's hopes and dreams and fears and wishes (especially a person who is shy about confiding in others). And you did that, and that's why signed up. I am a big believer in the idea that we get our angels when we need them, and when we're ready to listen. So, thank you!" - Catherine

Better Self-Care

"Kristin, I am feeling so much more balanced since I have started this coaching. I usually spend so much energy giving to others, and I don't take enough time to nurture myself and those healthy habits that will help me to have more time and energy in the long run. I am finding that when I take time for myself, no one seems to bat an eye, and I am so much better for it! Thank you so much for reminding me that the world won't fall apart if I take some time for ME! I always felt like I couldn't afford to take the downtime, but I am finding that by doing this, I have so much more energy to devote to everything else!" - Leeann

"Before working with Kristin, I felt stuck in a rut for many years. So far, I have changed jobs (my new job salary is almost double what the old job was, with better hours) and I have eliminated my debt. It isn't always easy but the steady focus does create results. Thanks Kristin, for keeping me inspired and on track with my goals!"

Lauren Bralley
RN, Registered Nurse

Developed New Habits

"Kristin's course helped me to reassess my goals and priorities. It forced me to make statements about what I wanted my life to look and feel like and then take weekly steps to accomplish just that. I accomplished things that I know I would not have pursued on my own. This was a tremendous support to me at a time when I needed it most. I have new habits and ways of thinking as a result of participating fully in this process." - Julia Roehl

Focused On My Goals

"Every year, I would write down a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish in the next year. I then stuck the list in the same drawer that contained lists from many other years. Many times the goals were exactly the same. The problem - I never looked at the list until the next year. Out of sight, out of mind, is not the mantra of this program. This program has been an inspiration.  I am now focused on accomplishment, one baby step at a time." - Cynthia Ison

Accomplished More

"The amazing thing about this program and Kristin is that she helps you do so much more than you thought you could. It’s a very cumulative process so that a lot of small steps add up to big progress. I really get a lot out of the bonus exercises that really make you think and put all of the smaller things into perspective. Kristin doesn’t have you do things just as an exercise. There’s always a bigger picture in mind and it’s nice when it all fits together. Kristin is great to work with and practices what she teaches." - Rob Duncan

"The tools, resources and different ways to approach goal setting helped me be the best version I can be FOR me. Ultimately, it has helped me be a more accountable person, better friend, spouse and a good example for my kids. I was recently going through some big transitional things in my life, shifting careers, moving and for the first time not really sure how to navigate through all the changes and still stay true to myself. It was really helpful to have a program that focused on taking micro-steps and celebrating little things to help me achieve those big things I wanted to take on. My theme for the year was to "just go" and Kristin helped me get the wheels moving and bring things into my life I used to only think about. Now so many of those things I get to live each day. The weekly check-in's rocked, even when I didn't feel I had accomplished much, she helped me see the things to celebrate and nudge me when I needed it. I'd recommend Kristin for anyone who needs honest words and is willing to do the work."

Jodi Brookes
Integrated Media Executive

Transformed Rapidly

"Since joining the Inner Circle, my life has transformed rapidly. I was tolerating situations and behaviors that were holding me back professionally and personally. For example, I went from working a job that didn't allow me to pursue my creative goals to working as a professional actor on stage and network television. This program constantly reminds me to stay aligned with my goals - when that happens, things fall in place." - Jules 

Felt Encouraged

"With Kristin's guidance and support, I have been able to organize my goals and make them actionable! As an example, one of my stretch goals was to launch my consulting business full-time, an idea that had been on the back burner for a very long time. Through Kristin's system of regular feedback and encouragement, I was able to finally let go of my fear and jump into the business. My company is booming and the work is very fulfilling. I recommend Kristin's services for anyone who feels stuck and needs a kind voice to push them along!" - Alice Ferris

Had More Fun

"I’ve tried other means to improve my life (therapy, reading self-help books, making New Year’s resolutions, working on goals with friends, meditating, etc), and none of those ways has been as effective as Kristin’s program. I was able to realize a life-long dream of traveling to India one year and S.E Asia the next!  I don’t think I would have achieved these goals had I not been participating in Kristin's program. She helped me become more proactive, learn to look for possibilities when facing obstacles, seek out more fun in my life, and take action." - Madeline

It All Starts On January 15th

Let's make your life AWESOME!! Turn your goals into actionable steps and actually DO them, one week at a time.

Every profession has levels of mastery, including coaching.

The ICF is the largest professional organization for coaches and there are 3 levels of mastery.  I am proud to be an MCC, Master Certified Coach.  My credential is renewed every 3 years by staying current on best practices in coaching and constant learning. 

A true master knows how to make complicated concepts simple and easy to digest.  

Building a beautiful life doesn't have to be stressful, time consuming, or overwhelming.  I'll guide you to choose *inspiring goals* and pace your progress  - one week at a time.

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