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Meet Anna

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I learned not only was is possible, but necessary to follow my heart's desires.  I quit my corporate job, started a small business and started a free after school educational program that provides a safe haven and academic support to at-risk children, while encouraging them to become good citizens.


How did you hear about coaching and why did you hire Kristin to be your coach?


I originally wanted to find out if it was possible to quit my job at a big corporation and start my own small business. At the time, I really didn't think it was possible to leave the safety of working for someone else -- that fear seems hilarious today, but at the time it was very real. In just a few coaching sessions, I learned that not only was it possible, but necessary to follow my heart's desire. Kristin coached me for about a year while I started my business.

My main goals were to:

  • Find out if it was possible to quit my corporate job.
  • Start my own small business.
  • Overcome the fear of leaving a stable job
  • Create more freedom.

What was memorable or meaningful about your coaching experience with Kristin?


For the first time, I started receiving the message that everything is possible. It was a life changing experience to switch my perspective in this way. Not only has my life just completely opened up, but I received more than I could have ever envisioned before.

Because I had more time and energy after quitting my corporate job and starting my own business, I decided to start a small charity in Dallas, which has now blossomed to three centers in Dallas and Austin. We serve hundreds of at-risk children each year. Heart House ( has received local and national recognition as a provider of high-quality after-school care.


 Why do you think coaching works? What about it worked for you?


Three major reasons come to mind:

Change of perspective -- someone who can see from the outside that, yes, you can have what you desire, despite the negativity of others.

Detachment -- the coach roots for you and helps you, that isn't emotionally tied into you as a relative or a spouse would be.

Accountability -- I made agreements to take certain steps and felt energized and motivated to really take them.


What are Kristin's strengths as a coach?


Clarity, high expectations, positive attitude, and leading by example.


Do you feel your coaching dollars were worth it? Why or why not?


Yes, the investment more than paid off in terms of financial freedom and emotional freedom. I'm so glad I'm not still toiling in a sterile corporate environment. It's a great life.