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Weekly Online Coaching Program


Clarify & Accomplish Goals

We'll begin the year by setting juicy goals in 8 areas of your life and each week you'll take a step forward with bite-sized actions or big leaps. Do what works.

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Upgrade Your Energy

Changing your life takes energy, so we'll ditch your energy drains and focus on habits that fuel you such as exercise, happiness rituals and self-care.

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Be Accountable & Grow

Your coach knows your focus for the year and will hold you accountable through weekly email check-ins. Ask to be challenged or gently supported.

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We'll spend the first two weeks writing out your goals - in 8 areas of your life (Career, Relationships, Finances, FUN, Personal Growth/Spirituality, Home, Fitness/Health & Self-Care). Worksheets, ideas and inspiration will be provided to make this process easier for you!

Plus, I'll teach you how to anchor your goals to something visual such as a vision board, displaying photos at home/work, or wearing a visual anchor. Then, we'll move into 'phase two' and accomplish your goals with weekly steps that are do-able.


Wondering if you have the time, energy or mojo for this course? Not to worry. My coaching style doesn't rely heavily on your willpower or 'force'. Instead, we'll be smart and free up the energy, time, and mental space needed to make goal attainment much easier and more fun, too.

Every week, you'll be asked to handle something that's been dragging you down in some way - big or small. You'll set boundaries, remove time drains, get more support, deal with nagging issues, and a whole lot more! Plus, you'll choose new daily habits that FUEL you.


In addition to tackling your goals each week, you will also learn and grow through articles and exercises written for this group. Each article or exercise gets to the point and shares a key insight to consider or implement, as you design your ideal life in 2019.

It's WAY more fun to partner with someone else on your goals, so you'll check-in with me (Coach Kristin) each week, through email. This personal touch is the key to Inner Circle past participants' high success rate. Through our weekly email chats, you will feel constant momentum in 2019.


About Inner Circle:

Inner Circle is an affordable coaching option that will help you to stay on track and reach your goals. This is results based coaching designed to make 2019 an incredible year of growth, exciting accomplishments and anything you desire.

Rather than speaking in person or by phone, we will 'speak' via weekly emails. The main intention of this program is to keep you focused, inspired, and accountable all year long. This is by far the most popular online program I offer.

We'll start the year getting clear about your goals in 8 areas of life. Then, you'll complete a weekly focus form to update me on your progress and challenges. Next, I will personally respond with my feedback and observations - every week. Most importantly, you will enjoy a steady (non-overwhelming) pace and crossing goals off your list every month!  

Please note:  This is a year-long program but you will participate and pay on a month-by-month basis. You may easily cancel if the program no longer serves you. Conversely, we will cancel your membership if you aren't regularly checking in (at least 2 times per month) with your coach and demonstrating forward movement. Yes, baby steps absolutely count!

Career Coaching Clients: If your main focus is career coaching or career transition, this may not be the right program for you. You are welcome to ask me, before signing up. 


Kristin Taliaferro, Master Certified Coach

After signing up, your start date will be on Monday, January 14th.  (If you'd prefer another start date, that can easily be arranged.)

PS.  Have a question or want to see more testimonials?  Please visit the FAQ page or contact us directly.

What They're Saying

I can honestly say that the money I’ve paid for this program (Inner Circle) is the best investment I’ve ever made.  I’ve tried other means to improve my life (therapy, reading self-help books, making New Year’s resolutions, working on goals with friends, meditating, etc), and none of those ways has been as effective as Kristin’s program.  I was able to realize a life-long dream of traveling to India one year and S.E Asia the next!  I don’t think I would have achieved these goals had I not been participating in Kristin's program both years. The course helped me to become more proactive, to learn to look for possibilities when facing obstacles, to seek out more fun in my life, and to take action towards achieving my goals. 


Your course helped me achieve a really great and needed sense of balance in my life. I work less, yet earn more. I feel like my life is full in all areas: good friends, family and I have started creative projects with work that stimulate and excite me. I also achieved one of my DREAM GOALS and appeared in a several page feature article in Pilates Style magazine!  

Tracy Campoli

I am ever so grateful for you Kristin! I have been involved with self-improvement, motivational programs and other coaching and your online program produced the greatest results. This has been eye opening and I love incorporating the techniques in various aspects of my life. This is also the first time that I haven't felt like procrastination has held me back. I am learning to overcome it and not feel defeated by it. Thank you so, so, so much!!!!

Stacy McCarthy

"Since working with Kristin in the Inner Circle program, my life has transformed rapidly. I was tolerating situations and behaviors that were holding me back professionally and personally. For example, I went from working a job that didn't allow me to pursue my creative goals to working as a professional actor on stage and network television. Kristin asked that we be specific, focused and passionate when it comes to our goals which was all I needed to make some big changes in my life. The result is that I am constantly reminded to stay aligned with my goals - when that happens, things fall in place." 


Having Kristin as a coach has been like having that friend that no matter how long time has passed, you just pick up where you left off. One of my favorite things of this experience has been all the tools, resources and different ways to approach goal setting to help me be the best version I can be FOR me. Ultimately, it has helped me be a more accountable person, better friend, spouse and a good example for my kids. I was recently going through some big transitional things in my life, shifting careers, moving and for the first time not really sure how to navigate through all the changes and still stay true to myself.  It was really helpful to have a program that focused taking micro-steps and celebrating little things to help me achieve those big things I wanted to take on.  My theme for the year was to "just go" and Kristin helped me get the wheels moving and bring things into my life I used to only think about. Now so many of those things I get to live each day. The weekly check-in's rocked, even when I didn't feel I had accomplished much, she helped me see the things to celebrate and nudge me when I needed it. I'd recommend Kristin for anyone who needs honest words and is willing to do the work.

Jodi Brookes

At the beginning of the year I had come to a cross roads where I could have continued to wallow in a recent failure or I could regroup and push forward. Kristin's online course helped me to reassess my goals and priorities. It forced me to make statements about what I wanted my life to look and feel like and then take weekly steps to accomplish just that. I accomplished things that I know I would not have pursued on my own. This was a tremendous support to me at a time when I needed it most. I have new habits and ways of thinking as a result of participating fully in this process.

Julia Roehl

With Kristin's guidance and support, I have been able to organize my goals and make them actionable! As an example, one of my stretch goals was to launch my consulting business full-time, an idea that had been on the back burner for a very long time. Through Kristin's system of regular feedback and encouragement, I was able to finally let go of my fear and jump into the business. My company is booming and the work is very fulfilling. I recommend Kristin's services for anyone who feels stuck and needs a kind voice to push them along!

Alice Ferris - Fundraising, Marketing and Strategic Planning Consultant with GoalBusters LLC

Kristin is one of the most gifted life coaches in the business. She’s not blowing smoke telling you how wonderful she is. She proves it time and again with her personal insight and her fantastic programs. If someone asked me who is the most expert life coach working today, I would tell them it is Kristin, without hesitation. Very few bring her level of expertise and integrity to the profession, and I am pleased to have worked with her.

Donna Saul - Business Consultant

After working with Kristin, my relationships are better, I am healthier and more fit, I’ve put fun back into my life, totally de-cluttered my home and have grown tremendously.  I’ve accomplished more than I thought was possible this year - even my big juicy goals.  I didn’t know how I would accomplish all that I set at the beginning of the year. I just stuck with the program and did a little bit each week.

Julie Jacky - Jewelry Designer

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH Kristin - I am grateful for you every single day of my life - you taught me so much.  It was fantastic how the exercises helped me realize exactly what my priorities are in life and therefore greatly helped me focus and relax allowing me to go through life with more ease no matter how full my plate was!

Leila Ghafarri - Photographer

October some years ago I found myself disenchanted with how things were going in my life.  I was traveling for work and started searching the web and as fate would have it I found Kristin.  I signed up for a 30 day program.  I was hooked on the guidance Kristin provided so naturally I signed up for yearly programs ever since.  She helps me approach problems differently, how to find gratitude, and commit to bigger goals.  

Lindsey Beabout

In one short month, I began the process of writing my book which has now been published. Now I am working on a series of children's books. Coaching works because it makes you accountable to someone.

Michelle Batz - Author and Teacher