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Look Good Versus Feel Good

It’s somewhat easy to design a life that LOOKS good on the outside.The happiest clients are more concerned with making choices that FEEL good to them versus crafting a life that simply looks good...

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Push Versus Pull

One of my clients had a bear of a time trying to drag herself out of bed each day, to go to her lackluster job. She tried the usual tricks of placing her alarm clock on the other side of the room,...

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Do You Respond Or React?

Whenever something irritates you and you feel yourself getting sucked into the drama, pause and ask yourself how you will RESPOND. Make sure you feel a sense of calm, too. That’s a good indicator...

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Are you Open or Closed?

Most of my clients want something great or amazing to happen in their life. They have a clear goal but can’t figure out why they’re having a hard time or bumping into brick walls. It’s frustrating,...

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