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Silence Can Soothe YouWritten by Kristin

Recently, we lost electrical power for several days, during an ice storm.  As the world around me powered down, I was reminded of the importance of being still and quiet.

The holiday season is starting to bustle and you are most likely feeling busier than before.  What if you took some time, each day, to be totally silent and still?  I bet the silence would soothe you.

Or, have you considered having a 'day of silence' for yourself?  You can easily do this at home. Just be SILENT and let people know, in advance, that's your intention for the day!

You don't need total silence around you, but that's a nice touch, too.  So, consider turning the TV and lights off one evening and sit by candlelight.  It is very peaceful and will instantly calm you down.

Here are few ways to add more silence into your day.

  • Wake up early and sit in a quiet place - one of my favorite ideas!  Early AM, before the sun comes up, is a very magical time. How about a new daily ritual of an hour (or 30 minutes) of silence before work?
  • Do a daily chore in silence - Such as washing the dishes.  No noise around you, no TV, etc.
  • Enjoy a silent drive to work - Is your radio usually on or are you on the phone?  Consider creating a zone of ease in the car with total silence.  This is very effective if you don't love your job.  It will help center you.
  • Be silent more in communication - LISTEN 90% of the time with someone this week and see how the conversation goes.  You can do this easily by not adding your thoughts.  Just listen and say a few words to let them know you heard them. People love to be heard so you may find this experience brings you closer to someone.
  • Find a place of quiet in your neighborhood - a favorite park, a museum, a library, an empty church in the middle of the day, etc.  Spend time there.
  • Find a place of quiet at work - and take breaks there each day!  An outdoor courtyard, an unused conference room, your car in the parking lot, etc.  5 minutes of total silence can refresh you.
  • Use headphones for silence - block out the office noise for a few hours one day by wearing noise canceling headphones.  Let people know you are focused on a project and they'll understand.  Notice how much more you accomplish this way.

Notice if you're feeling frenzied with the holidays right now.  If so, challenge yourself to remain centered and vibrant.  Silence is your friend!  Add a 'silence' ritual to your life this week and notice how it rejuvenates you.

By the way, an alternative to total silence is to power down (electrical items) at night.  Create an energy of stillness in your home.  Turn off the lights and live by candlelight in the evening.  It's an easy way to slow yourself down and create more peace and calm around you.  

I wish you a very magical holiday season with lots of time to reconnect with family, friends and yourself!

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