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Savoring LifeWritten by Kristin

During a trip to Telluride, I quickly discovered the best way to go from point A to B was on a gondola. So, several breathtaking trips on the magical transporter became part of our agenda each day. 

It's the most beautiful form of public transportation I've ever seen and a fascinating experience since you're always riding with new people. Each gondola holds about 6-8 people or dogs! Yes, it's not uncommon to see a dog riding along.

Here's what I noticed:

People SAVOR life in Telluride.  The absolute best test of this was the gondola ride itself. Even though we were 'stuck' in a small enclosure in the sky, NO ONE pulled out a cell phone to text or tune out of the present moment.

Instead, people savored the beauty of nature. It's so breathtaking and peaceful to be in the air. The scenery is so amazing, it's tough to not look around. Up high, you can see animals, aspen trees, adventurous people trying to hike from point A - B, and the splendor or nature. Right in front of us, in the gondola, were smiling faces and not a stranger in the bunch. Even though our gondola mates varied with each ride, the shining faces all shared a commonality. Everyone looked happy to be alive. People were savoring the experience of being in Telluride.

Sure, most of the people there were on vacation so what's NOT to be happy about, right? Others were residents (with a wealth of financial resources since it's a pricey place to live) and what's NOT great about that, too? However, we also ran into a few people working minimum wage jobs and taking the gondola to work. Even they were happy. One girl said, 'sometimes I get bummed I have to go to work but then I look outside and realize it's all gonna be OK. Look at where I get to live!"

She and everyone we met SAVORED life.  

In the town, we saw shining faces lingering over delicious meals, coffee, or a snack....
During hikes, we noticed people enjoying the beautiful plants along the path....
Or, slowing down to listen to music from the festival in town.....

In art galleries, we strolled and soaked up the vibrant color combinations....
At the spa, our senses were tantalized by the fragrant lotions and oils....

Local artisans set up shop in outdoor tents and dazzled us with jewelry and their process for making it....

Can you tell we LOVED it?

Not only did WE savor life a lot more, but everyone around seemed to be doing the same.

So, what does it mean to savor, really?  That's what I want to chat with you all about today.

If you start to go through life and you savor the weather, your food, the music during your drive to work and conversations with people, life starts to take on a much richer context. 

That's what I want for you!

Begin by adding at least one SAVORING ritual to your daily or weekly routine.

Here are a few tips to get your juices flowing:

  1. Wake up early and savor the quiet time in the AM.  Listen to the birds or the sounds of nature.  If you live in the city, listen to the sounds and notice how beautiful it is.
  2. Savor your food.  Lately, I've been enjoying one square of really good dark chocolate (orange or mint flavored) at a time. Find a favorite treat and slowly eat it. Savor the taste, texture, smell, etc. You'll find it's MUCH better. This works really well if you want to lose weight.  SAVOR and taste your food and you won't eat as much of it.  I learned this trick during a yoga/meditation retreat many years ago.  We ate very little - yet savored it- and the whole group had full bellies. Interesting. The hunger wasn't there.
  3. Slowly sip your tea or coffee. Feel the warmth of the cup in your hands.
  4. Savor exercise - yes.  ENJOY your long walk in the morning and notice the beautiful trees and magical feeling in the air.  Go for a run in nature and be fully aware of anything you see. Yoga and pilates are very easy to savor, too. Notice the music in class and allow it to wash over you.
  5. Totally enjoy people when you visit with them. Savor the time and notice what's great about him/her. 

Each moment is a golden opportunity for total happiness.  The KEY is to learn how to savor your moments.

Life is FULL of magical moments every single day.  As you SLOW DOWN and savor your moments, you'll see what I mean!

What takes me out of 'savor mode' is when I get too hard.....start worrying about something....or get stuck in my head.  What about you?

Now, I try to start my day in SAVOR mode since it helps set a tone. You can easily do this with an early morning walk, inspiring music around the house (or in the car), or quiet time.  

Take all of this to heart and consider how you can SAVOR your life much more.  Begin by adding in at least one 'savoring' ritual each day or week.

If you have a 'savor life' ritual idea, please share it in the comment section below!

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