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Liberate Yourself At WorkWritten by Kristin

One of my clients worked her entire life in the tech world.  Yet, deep down she's really an artist and that's the path she is pursuing now.  During our visits, she admitted to having fleeting moments of panic throughout her career as she wondered "is this it?"  "Am I really meant to live and die in this front of a computer?"

Yet, she pushed those insights down whenever they bubbled up until she just couldn't take it anymore and quit. 

It's entirely possible YOU don't love working in front of a computer, either!  Be honest with yourself if that's your truth.  Even if your job requires you to be in front of a computer all day long, if you don't like it, now's the time to put your cards on the table.  Be willing to notice what you truly don't like about your job, even if it's a core requirement of the job itself.  Own up to it now.

Another client of mine despises the pressure he feels from weekly sales quotas.  It's like he's under a ton of bricks, since he feels overwhelmed by the expectations of quotas he believes are unreasonable (and they are, in his case).

Yet, he keeps going to work and subjects himself to the pressure each week.  Crazy!

Recently, I asked him if he'd like a job with NO sales quotas at all.  He took a breath and immediately said "that's really what I need."

So, why don't more of us LIBERATE ourselves from the aspects of our jobs we can't stand?  Well, it's because we think we are obligated to suffer at work...or that work should be hard.

Folks, work should not be hard.  At times it may be.  But, needs to bring you joy.

We also have a nasty habit of tolerating (or putting up with) a LOT of stuff we don't like.  I teach this concept, as a coach, and help people remove all types of tolerations.  Some of the sneakiest ones happen at work, though.

People tolerate aspects of their job they simply loathe - and they do this for years and years and decades and so on......

My invitation for you today is to choose ONE key aspect of your job that's a huge toleration. What if you simply let it go?  

Of course, I can sense your fear as you consider this!  Isn't that dreaded task what you get PAID to do?  If you don't do it, won't you lose your job?  Maybe - and maybe that's just what you need....

Have faith in your ability to reinvent yourself - to learn a new skill - to master a new domain - to be deeply fulfilled.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What specific job functions do you NOT enjoy doing now or in previous jobs?  Describe the action you performed that you disliked.

Examples:  Being on deadline, sales quotas, dealing with angry customers, being on the phone, being on the computer a lot, writing reports, speaking in front of team during weekly meetings, managing budget, training people, fixing problems, etc.

  • What do you NOT like about the people you work with or the environment you are in?  (in current or previous job).

Examples:  Office gossip, too competitive in office, people steal ideas, office not beautiful, no windows in office, working in a cubicle, office attire too conservative, lack of support from boss, too far of a drive, being inside versus outside in nature, lighting, clients are demanding couldn't work from home, etc.

  •  If you could create your dream job, what task or action item would you NEVER want to do again?  How can you liberate yourself from job 'pain', in other words?

Example:  Sit in front of a computer all day (perhaps one hour a day is enough for you or not at all), cold calling, deal with angry customers, working with gossipy people, travel, dealing with technical issues, being bored, working with demanding people, working on a deadline, etc.

In conclusion, I want you to declare...right task or action item you will NOT do in your next job.  Or, rework your current job and remove a task or obligation you loathe.  Plant a flag in the ground now and make it so.   Reminder:  You may NOT want to sit in front of a computer all day long but if you are OK with one hour a day of computer work, state that.  You don't have to totally remove the offensive task if you're truly OK with doing a fraction of it.  But, be honest with yourself.

Take a stand for yourself and a happy career/life!  If you've decided to *NOT* do a specific task, I challenge you to begin the process now.  How can you move away from doing the dreaded task this week?

Removing ONE dreaded task or obligation can breathe new life into a job you thought you despised.  And, if the task is a core responsibilty, admitting (to yourself) how much you loathe it will finally free you up to move on and pursue your true path - doing something you love.

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