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Healthy vs Unhealthy EnergyWritten by Kristin

If you're like me, being outside (in nature) will always energize you. Since I know this about myself, I do my darndest to soak up some sunshine every day. One of my rituals is a daily walk, for example. And, I'm always drawn to vacations in beautiful and majestic nature spots.

Where do you get your energy? Are you born with it? Do you create it somehow? Ever think about this?

ENERGY is critical to CHANGE. One of my favorite thoughts is that "Change requires Energy." I say this all the time. In fact, this is the secret behind my success with clients. I focus on improving their energy so they can "attract" what they want and move forward with much more gusto and ease.

Let's look at the two main types of energy and which ones you rely on the most. Unhealthy vs. Healthy.

UNHEALTHY sources are what I call "sugar" sources. You might get a kick for a few minutes but you'll crash ultimately.

HEALTHY sources will sustain and energize you without being subject to a crash.


Unhealthy Sources Of Energy - Examples:

▪ caffeine

▪ sugar

▪ junk food

▪ deadlines, procrastination

▪ stress

▪ alcohol or drugs

▪ being busy

▪ conflicts with people

▪ adrenaline

▪ drama

▪ over-promising

▪ unhealthy or toxic relationships

▪ being online too much or surfing the net

▪ other online activities such as some forms of social networking


Healthy Sources Of Energy - Examples:

▪ working out, exercising

▪ certain people who are supportive or good listeners

▪ water

▪ spirituality, faith

▪ rituals, habits

▪ self care

▪ healthy food

▪ fun kids or supportive spouse

▪ organized home

▪ praise or recognition

▪ sleep

▪ music

▪ learning something positive or interesting

▪ meditation

▪ work you love

▪ healthy relationships

▪ AHA moments or having an insight

▪ doing a hobby or being creative

▪ laughing and having fun

▪ being in nature or an environment you love

I'd like for YOU to identify YOUR energy sources, healthy or unhealthy. At the very least, try to get clear about your #1 UNHEALTHY energy source. What is it? What do you depend on for energy each day? When you are tired, where do you turn?

Remember, UNHEALTHY sources of energy WILL give you a kick of energy (just like sugar will) but it will cost you in the long run. Opt for HEALTHY sources instead.

If this concept is new to you, start by removing at least one unhealthy source this week and add in a healthy one.

If you're ready to challenge yourself, take on a big project. It may seem daunting and possibly expensive but there's always a way. Plus, it's FUN.

Final Words: Goal attainment is so much easier (and faster) when you have the energy necessary to power forward. If you want to change your job or accomplish an important goal, take a look at your ENERGY first. Make sure you have many HEALTHY energy sources in your life since change always requires energy. If you find yourself collapsing at the end of your work day, (putting your personal goals on the back burner) you definitely need to upgrade your energy. Make it a priority. I know you can do it!

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