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Get Happy Or Get OutWritten by Kristin

You have two choices.  Get happy or get out.  

That's the advice I find myself giving many of my clients seeking career coaching.  

They contact me, fully aware of the pain they are feeling at work. Quite simply, they want it to stop. So, they reach out and ask for help.  

During our initial 'getting to know you' conversation, prospective clients usually say they wish they had a plan for making their career life better. They just don't know how.

"You can either get happy or get out. That's the plan."

In other words, you need to focus on finding meaning and joy at work OR focus on making a change and finding a job elsewhere (and happiness).

That IS the plan.

The truth is, there's a third choice, too.  We always have a 3rd choice - the option to do nothing at all.

If you're unhappy at work, you can 'do nothing' about it and hope something will change.  In fact, this is a very popular choice and rush hour traffic is loaded with cars full of people who've made the choice to 'do nothing' about their unhappiness at work. Look around and notice how many people look unhappy, after work. 

So, you really have three choices.

And, hey, sometimes the path of least resistance or doing nothing about a problem is the best solution. It's rarely the best solution for work related unhappiness, though.  

If you are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled at work, you need to remember that you do have choices. 

  • GET HAPPY and find ways do to improve your level of joy or fulfillment at work, without making a job or career leap. If you crave stability and feel fearful of major changes, this option is your best bet. 
  • The GET OUT approach is what you need if it's time to move on, find another job or a new career path. Good news! This option will also result in happiness!

But first, I want you to ask yourself which camp you're leaning toward.  Would you prefer to stay where you are and find a way to get happier, at work?  Or, does the idea of making a bigger change and GETTING OUT (finding a new company or new career path) appeal to you?  Or, have you been firmly planted in the DO NOTHING camp? 

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