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Client Spotlight: MeredithWritten by Kristin

Through our coaching, Meredith found her calling as a Corporate Trainer. However, after working in that role for about a year, she realized something was still missing. So, we coached again a year later. Round TWO, as I like to call it! Many of my clients go through a couple of rounds with me. Creating your ideal career path can absolutely be done in stages and sometimes that's the best way to do it!  

When Meredith contacted me (a year after we first coached), she told me she loved her career path but wasn't completely thrilled with the company. Yes, folks, sometimes you love your job but don't love where you're doing it! It's perfectly fine to pick up and move on. WHERE you work matters tremendously.

So, we chatted about the qualities of her IDEAL company and she immediately knew where she really, really, reallllllly wanted to work.

This time, she was ready to land a job working for her DREAM company, Southwest Airlines. We talked about it and I could hear her enthusiasm and knew it was a perfect match. Southwest Airlines is an elite company and many people would love to work there. Meredith went through several rounds of interviews and ulitmately landed the job as a Curriculum Developer (also known as Corporate Trainer). Through each round, we coached and prepped for the interviews.  

As a former recruiter (and career coach), I know exactly what it takes to stand out during an interview. You have to convey your passion in a professional way.Otherwise, you run the risk of coming across as a generic candidate.

Now, I have LOTS of ideas for how you can stand out during the interviewing process and we can certainly talk about it. In Meredith's case, we chatted about how she can stand out and she decided to have the Southwest Airlines logo painted on her manicure!  BRILLIANT! 

Her idea was perfect since it closely matched the company's bold and friendly personality or brand. Plus, it served as a 'visual anchor' of her goal. Every time Meredith looked at her hand, it reminded her to stay focused on the goal of landing her dream job!

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