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Career Cramping Your Lifestyle?Written by Kristin

It's SUMMER!  Recently, I've been on 5 day vacations to California, New Mexico and have another trip planned (Telluride, CO) in about 10 days. Many of you are in travel/vacation mode, too. Personally, I'm a big fan of the 5 day vaca!  It's a long weekend with a few work days tossed in.  I KNOW you can take a few days off from work,right?

Whether or not you can 'get away' from work and take a vacation is an excellent way to clearly see if your work supports or drains your lifestyle. If you'd love to take a break and explore a new spot for a week, but can't imagine unhooking yourself from work, you may be guilty of allowing your career to cramp your lifestyle.

Let's begin by defining your ideal lifestyle.

Start by imagining your ideal day or week.  What time would you wake up? What types of activities would you do during the day? How would you love to feel most days?

Now, broaden the image and think about your ideal month or year.  How many adventures would you like to have?  Where would you like to visit? Which hobbies would you enjoy doing regularly? How do you want to spend your mornings or evenings?  

In your ideal world, how would your home look?  How would you like to interact with others?  Do you wish to be fully present with people?  How would your bank account look?   How would your body look?  With regular exercise and healthful foods, can you imagine inhabiting a vibrant and beautiful body? What type of lifestyle habits would support YOU being your ideal self?

All of these concepts help define your ideal lifestyle. If you can't imagine it now, keep pondering this topic all week.

Now, let's look at your career.  Does it support your ideal lifestyle or does it get in the way?

Do you find yourself feeling trapped at work or is your job the usual excuse for NOT living the way you truly wish to live?

I believe many of us have lost sight of WHY we work.  So many people are in fear mode and scared to make waves since they don't want to lose their job.

You have more wiggle room than you imagine, though!  I absolutely know this is true and have tested my theory for years with my clients.

Whenever I challenge them to reclaim their LIFE by setting a boundary at work, it always puts them on the right track.

The # 1 way for YOU to start living your ideal lifestyle - if you feel work is dragging you down - is to identify and set at least ONE boundary.

Start with one - see how it goes - notice how you won't get fired - notice how your life feels better - and notice how few people around you will even notice what's up!

A few boundaries you may want to claim for yourself right now (start by picking one):

  • Don't rush to work.  Instead, indulge in an AM routine that nurtures you such as swimming, exercising, or doing a hobby
  • Leave work at a reasonable hour even if there's more work to do.  Save your evenings for something personal or soul fulfilling
  • Stop saying 'yes' too often at work and begin to delegate more.  This will free up a ton of time.
  • Reduce office gossip or being involved in the latest drama.  You can free up at least an hour a day this way (making it easier to leave by 5)
  • Reduce your time online by setting time boundaries around your email checks.  
  • Enjoy a full lunch break and use the time to eat and listen to music or get out of the office to exercise or do something non work related
  • Take your vacation time time and go somewhere, even if it's hard.  People at work can manage without you.
  • Start cutting back on the meetings you attend.  Look for ways to wiggle out.  
  • Stop eating junk at work and bring in a mini blender to make smoothies instead.
  • Give up working over the weekend!  Start by taking one weekend off and jump in car for a roadtrip to a nearby town for at least the day.

No matter what you choose to do, the key is to identify ONE boundary and enforce it.  This is how you'll reclaim your time so you can channel it into your personal life.

Let me know how this turns out for you!  I know it will work in your favor.

If one boundary doesn't feel like enough and you're ready to dig deep and create the life and career you REALLY want, reach out and let me know.

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