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Career Clues From ChildhoodWritten by Kristin

Jonathon showed up for coaching with the intention of finding a new job.  He told me his current job depleted him and was ultra-mind numbing!  

As I listened to him, I heard Jonathon talk about his daily activities.  Most of the day was spent reading documents in relative isolation - stuck in a back office with little interaction.

He was miserable.

Many of my clients hire me to find a new job or career path.  Somewhere along the line, they lost their zest for work.  In some cases, it was never there in the first place.  Maybe you can relate?

Something I always do FIRST is to see if we can tweak their current job before casting it aside.  I do this since embarking on a new career path can be tough.  Plus, sometimes the problem isn't the job - it's the person doing the job.

In other words, no matter where you go.....there you are!  Changing the scenery doesn't always solve the problem.

So, Jonathon and I talked about the aspects of the job he disliked.  His main gripe had to do with being isolated and not part of the team.  Plus, there was too much computer/reading time on his plate each day.  He liked the subject material but there was too much of it.

"If I could wave a magic wand and make your job 100% better, what would need to change?" I inquired.

After asking that question, I heard crickets chirping.  He had absolutely no clue.  The truth is, he already decided to leave the job and didn't want to invest much time trying to fix it.

However, my friends, there's always a way......

For Jonathon, we simply needed to get in touch with the CORE VALUES that weren't being expressed at work.

You see, in order to be happy, your work (and life) must be a reflection of your most precious values.

One way to figure out your core values is to go back in time and notice what you loved doing as a kid.  Were you an explorer?  A nurturer?  Did you love roaming the neighborhood and being free? Or, did you value relationships the most?  I have a longer list of values I work through with my clients.

For Jonathon, he remembered how much he loved sharing ideas with his friends.  

Two of Jonathon's core values are about connection and communication.

"How can we infuse your current job with those values?" I asked.

Now, Jonathon has shifted away from his isolated role and is a regional trainer for his company. He travels and interacts with people much more.

Sure, there's still a lot of reading/computer time each day.  But, he figured out how to cut it in half. And, SHARING what he's learning, as a trainer, makes the work much more fulfilling.

This is the ideal solution for Jonathon since he wasn't prepared to start over at this stage of his life. On a scale of 1-10, his happiness level is a self-proclaimed 9.  Before we started coaching, it was hovering in the 2-3 range.

Big impact with a few tweaks.

See if you can tweak your happiness level by infusing work and personal projects with your core values.  It's very possible!

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