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Are you Open or Closed?Written by Kristin

Most of my clients want something great or amazing to happen in their life. They have a clear goal but can’t figure out why they’re having a hard time or bumping into brick walls. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Marianne, for example, was going through a tough time since several key areas of her life were in crisis. Her boss wasn’t pleased with the work she was doing and her family life was stressful due to a lot of bickering at home. To top it off, Marianne also wanted to do a complete health and fitness makeover since her energy levels were low and she felt frumpy.

This client needed life to FLOW in her favor again.

I asked Marianne to close her eyes while I asked her a simple question:

“With your eyes closed, imagine you are observing yourself. You are looking at Marianne (yourself) without any judgement. Do you see her as being more OPEN or CLOSED?”

Her answer? “Hmmm, not quite sure.”

Then, I asked her to imagine she was either a closed fist or an open hand.

This time she had clarity.

“Oh, I am more of a closed fist for sure.”

Marianne represents many of my clients with a strong desire for positive change. They WANT a lot of goodness to flow into their life yet they are too closed off to receive it. Goodness flows to you in the form of a great idea, new opportunity, inspiration, meeting someone new, etc.

The KEY is to open yourself up first.

Reaching for your goals, while you are in a constricted or closed state, will burn through a LOT of your time and energy. Instead, focus on opening up first.

Here’s how Marianne did it:

1. Realizing how much fear she had about possibly losing her job, Marianne decided to bravely talk with her boss about what she could do to improve. To do this, she had to be OPEN to hearing the truth.

2. Noticing how constricted and tight she felt in her body (closed off energy), Marianne began walking during her lunch breaks with a coworker. When I suggested this idea, she was resistant to it (closed) since it felt risky and unorthodox, but she agreed to give it a try.

3. A lifelong ‘lone ranger’ type, Marianne was used to powering through challenges on her own. But, it made her feel tired, resentful, and constricted (closed). Instead, she opened up by asking her husband to help more at home and with the kids. To do this, Marianne had to be vulnerable (open) for the first time in a long time.

Are you trying to power through your life or challenges in an OPEN or CLOSED mode? Do you energetically feel more constricted or flowy? Ask yourself and see what comes up.

Final Words: Simplify your path toward success by getting yourself into an OPEN state before you tackle any major goals or challenges. Otherwise, you will waste precious time and energy. Not sure how to get into an OPEN state? Close your eyes and ask yourself right now. Then, follow through. You might only get ONE idea. That’s OK. Follow through any way. Then, ask yourself the same question a few days later.

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